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Pro Rock Racing Team

There is no doubt about what makes Pro Rock Racing and Pro UTV Racing successful. Teamwork is the key to what allows us to run fast paced, action packed, and thrill ride events all over the country. Check out the 2018 team members below for some background about how they came to be a part of what we do and the value they bring to the team.

Jeremy Forsyth- Co-Founder and Owner of Pro Rock Racing, Southern Rock Racing, and Mega Truck Series. Jeremy has had an extensive background in offroading and race promotions. He basically is responsible for organizing the whole sport and pioneering the formats that a lot of race series use in the country today for hill climbing events and mega truck racing. While it is true that he has retired from the industry to focus on family and other adventures his influence and vision is very much alive and well within our company and the whole sport. Thank you for the opportunities you have provided so many Mr. Forsyth

Joey Beck is the new CEO of Pro Rock Racing and Pro UTV Racing. In late 2017 Jeremy Forsyth handed over the reigns of their company. He strives to take the company to new heights and exceed expectations of racers and followers for many years to come without sacrificing the core values that he and Jeremy founded the company on together. Give back to the racers, treat everyone fairly, and give God the Glory! Joey Has been into offroad racing and riding his entire life from atvs, dirt bikes, mud trucks, sxs, mega trucks, rock bouncers, and ultra4. He has raced a little of everything and uses those expierences to create great race day events and atmospheres.

Elyse Beck handles a lot of business behind the scenes. Media, Website, and of course travel on the road with her family she puts a lot into making the team successful. Most importantly she allows and supports her husband Joey in chasing his dreams. We couldn’t imagine this team without her.

Tripp Pullen is undoubtedly the most well known member of our team. From Coast to Coast he has made a name for himself from crazy race day shenanigans, winning races, or just plain out having a good time. He is the driving force behind the scenes that gets the racers staged, safety checked, and to the start line to keep the race moving. He has been involved in the sport since day one helping Jeremy and Clyde with the birth and growth of Southern Rock Racing Series and Mega Truck Series. We are thrilled and thankful to have Tripp as a team member forever.

David Uptain is our New Marketing President and the Official Score Keeper at all events. His background in the industry is second to none. He is the founder of BlueFire Outdoors and and Facebook page. He is well known and respected coast to coast. He has been a key player in our success this past season and helped in the creative process greatly for what is coming next. We can never tell David and his family thank you enough for the time and energy they have put into Pro Rock Racing.

Taylor Pickett is most definitely the most important person on our team. He is out safety check manager and our startling official, but more importantly he is the person who prays for our event and with each racer every single time they run for safety. His work with RPM is the most important part of us being at an event and he always sets the example and shares God’s love with everyone. Thank you Taylor and for what you stand for!

Jonathan Wright with Black Dog Photography has came on board as staff. He will be snapping photos and getting all the behind the scene info on what we do as well as helping out all season. We are excited to have him join our team.

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